Friday, December 24, 2010

Everything Changed

We have heard Faith Hill and countless others sing A Baby Changes Everything. There is also a song I just heard this week that says, "Heaven's exalted King, in a manger lay, because a baby came and everything changed." I have often wondered what all would have gone through Mary and Joseph's minds on this night (as we celebrate it) over 2000 years ago. A new baby, new parents and your child is the Savior of the World. What an enormous responsibility on one so small. Did Mary cry? Did she wonder how long He would be able to just be her baby boy? I am not a mother so its even more incomprehensible for me to begin to imagine how Mary felt for those 33 years Jesus was alive. But she also knew that He was called to be something more amazing than she could've dreamed possible. How long did Joseph question Mary's faithfulness to him? How long did he ask why he should have to raise a child that wasn't his before taking her as his wife?

Yet all of Heaven was singing, "Gloria! Our God is with us! Gloria! He has come to save!" I'm so glad His ways are higher than ours. If His weren't, this world would be a very discouraging place by my estimation. Even more discouraging that it already can be. I think of a young couple I recently heard about who had a baby a few days ago. The young mother ended up having cardiac arrest and passed away. "When our dreams grow dim and our hearts grow cold, He is never far from our broken soul."

So many times we see "Jesus is the reason for the season." But how many times does it end up just being a slogan or catch phrase? Even to those of us who do know that its true? We can become so callous to the passion behind such a phrase if we aren't careful. This may be all very common place and not very profound and truthfully it's not. I can only tell you that I'm so glad that Baby changed everything for me. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May you always know that Baby that changed everything.

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  1. Very good blog here, Liz! Keep writing and keep the faith - to be an inspiration to others. Bless you in this coming new year, and we hope to have more laughs than ever - together!